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End of Year Dance

As all who were there will know the Port had another great night in the Glenburn where all were fed watered and danced the night away to (Class C) a big thanks to all who made the night go with a bang! here is a list of the seasons winners

Competition Winner
January medal - Scratch D. Standaloft
January Medal – First Class M. Crighton
January Medal – Second Class J. Gordon
February Medal - Scratch D. Standaloft
- First Class M. Crighton
- Second Class P. Manvell
March Medal - Scratch D. Bodys
- First Class D. Bodys
- Second Class J. Kirkwood
April Medal - Scratch D. Standaloft
- First Class I.L. MacLeod
- Second Class R. McArthur
May Medal - Scratch S. Renfrew
- First Class J. Jardine
- Second Class D. Driver
June Medal - Scratch J. O’Donnell
- First Class J. O’Donnell
- Second Class D. Driver
July Medal - Scratch J. O’Donnell
- First Class H. Whitelaw
- Second Class T. Wilkinson
August Medal - Scratch D.Standaloft
- First Class G. Fisher
- Second Class W. McLean
September Medal - Scratch D. Standaloft
- First Class D. Standaloft
- Second Class J. Preston
October Medal - Scratch R. Turnbull
- First Class R. Turnbull
- Second Class A. Shanks
November medal - Scratch D. Reid
- First Class R. Turnbull
- Second Class R. Pedder
December Medal - Scratch D. Standaloft
- First Class M. Crighton
- Second Class R. Pedder

Subscription Medal J. Dunn
RNLI Medal J. Preston
McCready Stableford C. MacPhail
GM Stableford P. Manvell

Scratch Medal Final Winner D. Bodys
First Class Medal Final Winner D. Bodys
Second Class Medal Final Winner W. McLean
Competition Winner
Anchor Tavern Shield M. Ivory
Ardbeg Lodge Quaich D. Bodys
District Cup G. Fisher
Zavaroni Trophy G. Fisher
Winter Trophy J. Gordon
Spring Handicap J. Paterson
Autumn Handicap R. Turnbull
Summer Cup J. O’Donnell
Rover Cup D. Standaloft
Past Captain’s Jug W. McLean
Hector Scott R. Pedder
Runner Up J. Bicker
Hector Linden M. Crighton
Runner Up A. Greer (Jnr)
McMillan Trophy W. McLean
Runner Up D. Bodys
Kames Cup I.L. MacLeod
Runner Up G. Dunn
Hutchison Cup R. Jardine & D. Beattie
Runners Up D. Bodys & M. Ivory
Harry Hope J. Dunn & S. Hill
Runners Up I. Shaw & S. Howrie
Greensome Salver J. Jardine & H. Slaven
Runners Up F. Lintermans & G. Barnsley
Seniors Championship H. Slaven
Runner Up D. Bodys
Arthur Slack R. Turnbull
Runner Up H. Whitelaw
Club Championship D. Standaloft
Runner Up J. O’Donnell

Monthly Medals

Jan:Feb:April:August:September & December Donald Standaloft
March David Bodys
May Steven Renfrew
June & July Jim O’Donnell
October Robert Turnbull
November David Reid

First Class
Jan:Feb& December Mark Crighton
March David Bodys
April I.L. Macleod
May Jamie Jardine
June Jim O’Donnell
July Hector Whitelaw
August Graham Fisher
September Donald Standaloft
October & November Robert Turnbull

Second Class
Jan: Jimmy Gordon
February Pete Manvell
March Jim Kirkwood
April Robert McArthur
May & June David Driver
July Tommy Wilkinson
August Walter Mclean
September John Preston
October Adair Shanks
November & December Bobby Peddder

Special Medals

1 Clydesdale Bank Subscription Medal Jimmy Dunn
RNLI Medal John Preston
2. McCready Stableford Callum MacPhail
GM Stableford Pete Manvell

Medal Final Winners
3 Scratch Winner
4 First Class Winner
5 Second Class Winner

6 The Anchor Tavern Shield Mike Ivory
7 The Ardbeg Lodge Quaich David Bodys
8 The Ladies Red Cross Eclectic Winner Betty Campbell
9 The District Cup Graham Fisher
10 The Winter Trophy Jimmy Gordon
11 The Summer Cup Jim O’Donnell
12 The Ladies Ringer Prize Margaret McMillan
13 The Zavaroni Trophy Graham Fisher
14 Spring Handicap Jack Paterson
15 Autumn Handicap Robert Turnbull
16 The LGU Pendant Betty Campbell
17 The Rover Cup Donald Standaloft
18 The Past Captains’ Jug Walter McLean
19 The Ladies Gleneagles Patricia Renfrew
20 The Ladies SIMF Thistle Betty Campbell
21 The Jimmy Whitelaw Trophy Hector Whitelaw
22 The Grouse Open Donald Standaloft
23 The Ladies SLGA Brooch Patricia Renfrew
24 The Ladies Heart, Chest & Stroke Shield Margaret Wood
25 The Rothesay Motors High Handicap Open Francois Lintermans
26 The Macleod Homes Port Open Ian Shaw
27 The Ladies St Ledger Margaret Wood
28 The Greenkeepers Quaich John Black
29 The Street-Hanson Open Jack Paterson
30 The Cowal Builders Seniors Open Ted McDonald
31 The Ladies 2 Clubs & Putter Liz Archibald
32 The Port Inn Winter League Ian Shaw & Mike Manvell
33 The Hector Scott Runner Up Jim Bicker
Winner Bobby Pedder
34 The Hector Linden Runner Up Alec Greer (Jnr)
Winner Mark Crighton
35 The McMillan Trophy Runner Up David Bodys
Winner Walter Mclean
36 Kames Cup Runner Up Graham Dunn
Winner I.L. Macleod
37 Hutchison Cup Runners Up David Body & Mike Ivory
Winners David Beattie & Robert Jardine
38 The Harry Hope Runners Up Ian Shaw & Steve Howrie
Winners Jimmy Dunn & Sandy Hill
39 The Greensome Salver Runners Up F Lintermans & Graham Barnsley
Winners Jamie Jardine & Harry Slaven
40 The Archibald Trophy Betty Campbell
41 The Seniors Championship Runner Up David Bodys
Winner Harry Slaven
42 The Arthur Slack Handicap Championship Runner Up Hector Whitelaw
Winner Robert Turnbull
43 The Ladies Club Champion 2007 Margaret Wood
44 The Gents Champion 2007 Runner Up Jim O’Donnell
Club Champion 2007 Donald Standaloft

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Ceud Mile Failte
A hundred thousand welcomes

Port Bannatyne Golf Club is located on the beautiful and historic Isle of Bute, in Scotland. It is an ancient, distinctive, and hospitable golf club where green fees are affordable and visiting golfers are made most welcome.

Our gaelic greeting ('Ceud Mile Failte') is symbolic of scenery and atmosphere. Although the island lies in the Clyde Estuary in the south west of Scotland—and is therefore easy to reach—the Higland Boundary Fault runs neatly through the middle of Bute just a few miles south of our course. So the vistas and landscapes that surround you while playing are truly Highland in their characteristics. If you only play here once, we promise you will carry the memories of your day on our course in your heart for many, many years.

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