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port hotting up    
qualifying for the club championship and arthur slack took place over royal portbannatyne last week with all the usall suspects making it through to the championship and probaly fair to say one unusall suspect that being in the form of jim thom sneaking in on last place .with jim having to play defending champ stevie(the hooter)renfrew alot of people feard the worst for jim but credit where it is due jim played very well but eventually went down 4-3

.the big talking point on monday was that of boom booms scorecard ,who had it ? where was it ? did he return it ?and with big calum circiling the clubhouse like a hungry vulcher waiting for death all questions were answerd,1 jim had it ,2 it was in the bin ,3 yes he returned it ,but i know a certian father and son who will be wishing it was never located i.l and big neil tut tut tut word on the street is tha calum has set a challenge to helen kirsty and rory to step forward to see if they can salvage some of the familys honour .

so all of the finalist are ready ,hooter plays greer jnr ,take your packed lunch alec your sure to need it and robert (the ledge)turnbull takes on the mcleod slaying boom boom ,this is sure to be an epic encounter i hear a book is being run on how many times big robert will get up and down ,feel free to post your how many times you think. 1st prize will be a drink behind the bar from the blogger

not an oap in sight    
hi guys ,what a cracking spell of weather we are having at the moment and the club has been very busy. big news of the last few weeks has been g.fishers hole in 1 at the 10th and his superb win in the 36 hole famous grouse comp ,wich won him a staggering 8 litres of scotch over the two weeks ,i am sure graham got everyone a half (apart from preston).also big well done to jim bicker on his second place leading the charge for the older guys out on the course even with his dodgy knees he still managed the 2 rounds so all you oaps take note no excuses for next year .course is getting better every week and hopfully this weather will hold for t in the port on the 15th so if you havent got your tickets you better be quick

its been a while    
hi folks ,well its been a while eh? glad to see the web page back up and running big jb must have paid the bills at long last .not really much to report guys but beware i have spies everywhere the blogger is watching you and when you slip up (which you will) i will be there .oh before i go i would just like to mention our poor match sec, he is in a bad way guys all those years of abusing his body have finaly caught up with him .get well soon jimbo

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