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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rothesay Motor Services Final by Webmaster @ 23:38 GMT

Robert Jardine and Mark Crichton were runners up in the Rothesay Motor Services Winter league for 2012 - 13 but they went one better in 2013 - 14 when they took the title by defeating John Black and Bobby Pedder in Sunday's final by the narrow margin of 2&1. Despite being the middle of April it was certainly wintry conditions with the cold wind and the occasional shower to let all players know that they were playing in the Rothesay Motor Services Winter League Finals Day. Third place went to the father and son pairing of the Greers who defeated Graham Fisher and Ian McFarlane by 3&2 although this reporter strongly suspects a bigger defeat since this foursome was off the course very early! At the other end of the spectrum, Jim Thom and Gordy McIntyre were defeated 6&5 by Ian Shaw and Frankie Lintermans thereby sealing their fate to the dreaded wooden spoon.

Other results were: Hector Whitelaw & Stephen Renfrew, subbing for Donald Standaloft who had ventured to the Cup semi final to support his beloved Aberdeen - bet he wishes he had stayed and played on Finals day - defeated Colin Renfrew & Gordon Peacock by 2&1. Arran and mathew Dunn were soundly beaten by David Reid & David driver by 6&4. Roddie Shaw & Sam jamieson defeated Jim Bicker & john Marshall 4&3. Calum MacPhail and Pete Barnett had a very sociable and friendly halved match with David Bodys & Hunter Martin.

In the Junior competition Alistair Shaw had a comfortable win over Scott McAlister in the final while Connor McLymont took third place.

So, after what has been a very frustrating winter season for all, The Rothesay Motor Services Winter League has finally been completed. Thanks go to all players, Janey Jardine for her catering throughout, John Marshall for his hard work and especially to David Reid and family of Rothesay Motor Services for the generous and continued support of this very popular competition.

Calum MacPhail blew the opposition away in Friday's Salmon Leap with a score of 30 points. Members are reminded of the 5.30 ballot on Fridays for this weekly 12 hole competition.

Members should note that entry sheets for the knockout competitions are on the locker room notice board with a 30th April closing date.

Apologies are due to members for the mistake in last week's Buteman by this reporter. It was stated that The JMF Tankard was on the 27th April when in actual fact it is THIS Sunday. The decision has been taken to have a rolling ballot starting at 8.30 with the last tee time being 1.00 and a 5.00 prizegiving. Players intending to play are asked to enter upstairs in the club lounge on arrival.

Port Bannatyne Junior sections April medal has been rescheduled to Saturday 19th April. Please remember to add your name to the entry sheet and please return all cards even NR's.

Good news arrived this week in the form of The Bute Motor Company and the Shaw family undertaking to sponsor the 36 hole competition known previously as The Grouse Open. The format will be the same 36 holes in the one day and the club is grateful to Bute Motor Company for saving this popular and traditional competition after Matthew Gloag and Co opted out of sponsorship this season.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

RMS Winter league final, Finally! by Webmaster @ 20:04 GMT

What a frustrating season it has been for all playing in the Rothesay Motor Services Winter League! It did not get any better for semi final Sunday either with the rain coming down in sheets and the first and second greens both flooded the games had to be cancelled. However, undaunted, we will "Keep Smiling and Carry On!!!" The semi finalists have agreed to play their games during the evening of this week and, as you read this, the finalists will have been decided. This means that the Finals Day will go ahead as per schedule with the following arrangements:-

10.00 Shotgun Start -

1st Tee (Second) - The Final

1st Tee (First) - 3rd & 4th Place

2nd Tee (First) - C. Renfrew & G. Peacock V H. Whitelaw & D. Standaloft

2nd Tee (Second) - A. Dunn & M. Dunn V D. Reid & D. Driver

3rd Tee - R. Shaw & S. Jamieson V J. Bicker & J. Marshall

4th Tee - I. Shaw & F. Lintermans V G. McIntyre & J. Thom

5th Tee - J. Paterson & J. Jardine VG J. Wilson & S. Robson

6th Tee - C. MacPhail & P. Barnett V D. Bodys & H. Martin

Rothesay Motor Services Junior winter league final will also be played for this Sunday and all juniors are welcome to take part. Tee off time for the final will be 10.15am. Food will follow the golf and the prize giving from last season will follow the food along with the RMS winter league prize giving.

All members are welcome to play on the day and any member wishing to be a part of the day and play in a quickly arranged four ball is asked to report to the clubhouse at 9.45.

It is vital that all players report to the upstairs lounge prior to play to indicate to Janey whether they will be staying for the meal and the following traditional celebration afternoon.

Members are reminded that The Salmon leap is now scheduled for Friday evenings witha 5.30 ballot.

Knockout Competition entry sheets have been posted on the locker room notice board with all having a 30th April closing date.

The Entry sheet for the JMF Tankard, to be played on Sunday 27th May, has also been posted on the locker room notice board.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Semi's decided by Webmaster @ 23:17 GMT

The semi finalists for the Rothesay Motor Services Winter League were decided on Sunday and these games will be played on April 6th. Graham Fisher and Iain McFarlane had the biggest margin of win in the four quarter final games with their 5&4 defeat of David Reid and David Driver. Last year's finalists Robert Jardine and Mark Crichton had a comfortable 3&2 win over Colin Renfrew and Gordon Peacock. The other two games were a lot closer. The father and son Greers were actually dormie two down to the cousin partnership of Matthew and Arran Dunn but fought back to be all square after 18 and walked off the 19th green as winners. The final game between Hector Whitelaw and Donald Standaloft against Bobby Pedder and John Black was all square on the 18th tee but a perfect chip shot from above the green by Bobby Pedder gave his pairing a two which neither Donald or Hector could match and therefore took Bobby and John into the semi finals.

The draw for the semis is as follows:-

9.30 - Pedder & Black v Fisher & McFarlane: 9.37 - Greer & Greer v Jardine & Crichton.

For 5th to 8th places the draw is:

8.37 - Renfrew & Peacock v Whitelaw & Standaloft: 8.44 - Dunn & Dunn v Reid & Driver.

In the Non Champions League it was disappointing to see that two pairs had walk overs. Ian Shaw and Frankie Lintermans had one against Jack Paterson and Jamie Jardine while David Bodys and Hunter Martin had theirs against John Wilson and Steve Robson. In the other games Roddie Shaw and Sam Jamieson defeated Jim Thom and Gordy McIntyre by 2&1 while Calum MacPhail and Pete Barnett beat John Marshall, playing on his own due to Jim Bicker's peg leg, to the tune of 5&4.

Games in the Non Champions League for the 6th of April are:-

8.51 - Shaw & Jamieson v Shaw & Jamieson: 8.58 - Marshall & Bicker v Robson & Wilson: 9.05 - Bodys & Martin v Jardine & Paterson: 9.12 - MacPhail & Barnett v Thom & McIntyre.

Members should note that the Finals are scheduled for April 13th.

The December Medal, sponsored by Iain McFarlane was finally played on Sunday 15th March with a healthy entry competing for the awards. Jimmy Dunn's gross 79 was good enough to win the Scratch category and his two at the 10th was the only two of the day. Ted McDonald won the First Class with his net score of 67 (77 - 10) while Bobby Pedder made it two Second Class wins in a row with his net 67 (82 - 15). The CSS was 65.

Our Mail on Sunday Classic Team travelled to Vale of Leven and unfortunately lost to the home team by the narrow score of 3&2. The Port winners being Robert Jardine and John Black.

This Sunday is The Peggy Adam Cup ( Subscription Medal) and members are reminded that annual subscriptions are payable from this date. The usual ballots apply for Sunday's competition.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Winter golf At last by Webmaster @ 22:47 GMT

At last! The weather took a turn for the better to allow qualifying games of round 3 of The Rothesay Motor Services Winter League to take place, although, it has to be said, going by the nature of some of the defeats, a few pairings will be wishing that the weather had stayed the same!

With only one more qualifying round to go, which will be this Sunday in conjunction with the Club Day, it is still tight for places in that vital top 8.

In League A, providing two players are on the tee and on time, David Reid & David Driver have qualified. On 11 points already and with a certain 1 point to come in their last game this will give them a finishing total of 12 no matter the result. Their 6&5 win over Calum MacPhail and Pete Barnett securing their place in the last 8. They can cement that place on Sunday with a win over bottom of the table John Wilson and Steve Robson who were beaten 7&6 in their game by Jamie Jardine & Jack Paterson. That match tee off time is 9.21. Lying second in League A are Colin Renfrew and Gordon Peacock who defeated Roddie Shaw & Sam Jamieson with a score of 3&2. They have 9 points but play Jardine & Paterson on Sunday who lie in 3rd place on 8 points at 9.28 so it looks like the other qualifier in this League coming from the winner of this game although a halved match would maybe enough for Renfrew & Peacock. However, MacPhail & Barnett also have 8 points but a poorer game difference and they face Shaw & Jamieson with a 9.35 tee time. Should they win their match and the previous match is a half then they will leapfrog both pairs to take the qualifying spot.

League A Points Game Difference

D. Reid & D. Driver 11 +6

G. Peacock & C. Renfrew 9 +6

J. Jardine & J. Paterson 8 +3

P. Barnett & C. MacPhail 8 +1

R. Shaw & S. Jamieson 7 -4

J. Wilson & S. Robson 3 -26

Sadly League B has become a farcical affair. With the withdrawal of the Shanks brothers, who only played one game and now Ted McDonald and Harry Slaven, who only played 3, this league is a mess. In an effort to sort out the mess the match secretary will make a proposal to the committee on Tuesday but at the moment the state of affairs is frustrating for all of the players in the league and the match secretary in particular. As it stands at the moment Bobby Pedder & John Black will qualify in top spot. Their win over Frankie Lintermans and Alan Stewart, subbing for Ian Shaw, to the tune of 2 up, meant they have 11 points. Their game on Sunday is due to be against Slaven & McDonald but with a no show from the latter pair then this will gift 3 points to them and they will finish on 14 which is un-catchable by all others in that League. The other pair who will benefit is the Greer father and son combination. They are due to play the Shanks brothers but again will be gifted 3 points taking their final total to 12 points . They presently lie in 3rd place on 9 points after their halved match with Mark Crichton and Robert Jardine. Robert & Mark meanwhile lie in 2nd place on 10 points having played both the Shanks brothers and Slaven & McDonald. Their unbeaten record will have to remain intact if they are to make the final 8. They play Ian Shaw & Frankie Lintermans at 8.44.

League B Points Game Difference

R. Pedder & J. Black 11 +12

R. Jardine & M. Crichton 10 +7

A. Greer & A. Greer (J) 9 +3

I. Shaw & F. Lintermans 7 +1

As with A, League C is a tight affair. Graham Fisher & Ian McFarlane secured top spot with a 3&2 win over Jim Bicker & John Marshall. Fisher & McFarlane now have 11 points but play second placed Arran Dunn & Matthew Dunn on Sunday at 9.42. Arran & Matthew took second place by virtue of their 1 up win against David Bodys & Hunter Martin and they have 9 points. A defeat for either pairing could see their hopes of making the top 8 dented. Hanging to both pairs, and also on 9 points, are Hector Whitelaw & Donald Standaloft. Their 6&4 win over Jim Thom & Iain Macleod, subbing for Gordy McIntyre, (get well soon Gordy), making sure their challenge is kept alive. Standaloft and Whitelaw play Bicker & Marshall at 9.15. The other game in this League is the bottom of the table clash between Bodys & Martin against Thom & McIntyre at 9.08.

League C Points Game Difference

G. Fisher & I. McFarlane 11 +9

A. Dunn & M. Dunn 9 +5

H. Whitelaw & D. Standaloft 9 +5

J. Bicker & J. Marshall 7 -5

D. Bodys & H. Martin 6 -3

G. McIntyre & J. Thom 5 -12

Sunday will also be Club Day for those members not involved in the winter league. Meeting at 10.00 with Janey's roast dinner at 1.00. All members intending to dine are asked to contact Janey asap.

Monday, January 27, 2014

No golf at the Port by Webmaster @ 21:42 GMT

Wet! Wet! Wet! With greens flooded and fairways saturated another qualifying round of the Rothesay Motor Services Winter League was called off. This now means a re- shuffle of the February winter fixture list which now looks like this:-

2nd February :- December Medal sponsored by Iain McFarlane ( Fourth attempt!)

9th February :- RMS WL Round 3 matches

16th February :- RMS WL Round 5 matches

23rd February :- RMS WL Quarter Finals and Club Day for those members not involved in winter league.
The match secretary apologises for the winter league having three Sundays in a row but unfortunately it is unavoidable.

Burns Supper tickets for Saturday February 8th are going fast and any member still wishing to go is asked to phone JB ASAP.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

3rd round of winter league beaten by the weather again by Webmaster @ 22:29 GMT

With round 3 of the Rothesay Motor Services Winter league again a victim of the weather it has been rescheduled for the 9th of February. This Sunday is round 5 with the following matches and times:-

League A:- 9.01 - R. Shaw & S. Jamieson V G. Peacock & C. Renfrew: 9.28 - D. Reid & D. Driver V P. Barnett & C. MacPhail: 9.35 - J. Wilson & S. Robson V J. paterson & J. Jardine:

League B:- 9.08:- T. McDonald & H. Slaven V L. Shanks & C. Shanks: 9.15 - A. Greer & A. Greer (J) V R. Jardine & M. Crichton: 9.21:- R. Pedder & J. Black V I. Shaw & F. Lintermans:

League C (Please note the change of time in one match) - 8.30 - A. Dunn & M. Dunn V D. Bodys & H. Martin: 8.37 - J. Thom & G. McIntyre V H. Whitelaw & D. Standaloft: 9.42 - G. Fisher & I. McFarlane V J. Bicker & J. Marshall

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